Take Action!

The UW is committed to serving Washington citizens through our missions of education, research and public engagement. But a crisis is looming — one that will have will have a lasting impact on current and future opportunities for our children.

You can influence the decisions being made in Olympia this year by becoming an advocate for the University of Washington today! Choose any item below to:

» Contact your Legislators

From contacting your legislators or attending Town Hall meetings to attending/hosting an event in your neighborhood, UW Impact will provide you the tools you’ll need this legislative session to send a message to stakeholders in Olympia.

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The UW was built by the people of Washington—and it continues to show in the rankings:

  • #1 public university whose stellar faculty earns $1.15 billion in federal research funding.
  • UW’s faculty includes 6 Nobel Prize winners, 13 McArthur Genius Fellows, 2 Pulitzer Prize winners, over 350 members of prestigious National and American Academies.
  • #1 in Peace Corp Volunteers serving around the world.

The UW brings societal impacts and is part of making Washington a great place to live:

  • $267 million in charitable care provided by UW Medicine — supporting over one-third of all charitable care in Washington state.
  • $54.8 million donated to local charitable organizations by UW faculty and staff.
  • Over 346,000 hours of service to area communities by UW students.