Keep the “Public” in Public Higher Education.

State cutbacks mean that there are fewer opportunities for students in Washington state to have access to an affordable, high-quality education.

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About UW Impact

UW Impact is the UW Alumni Association’s legislative advocacy program. The UW Alumni Association’s mission is to support the UW and higher education in the state of Washington. The UWAA is an independent nonprofit organization and membership dues support UW Impact’s activities.

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College isn’t just a four-year experience. It sets people on a path that provides a lifetime of benefits for themselves, their families and our communities. The University of Washington is proud to be the state’s flagship institution and a leader in creating opportunities for Washington residents — today and beyond.

The University of Washington Alumni Association has formed UW Impact, an interactive civic advocacy resource. It provides opportunities for alumni and friends to take action to support the University of Washington and to advocate for higher education.

The decisions being made in Olympia this year will have a lasting impact on current and future opportunities for our children. The urgency of the moment requires each of us to become an advocate for the University of Washington. UW Impact will help you:

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A strong University of Washington builds strong communities for all Washington citizens.